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Reviews in for The Mindful Writer

“The Mindful Writer is small but powerful; it will be a welcome addition to many writers’ desks, and an inspiring and supportive gift for those who have just set foot on the path.” ~ ForeWord Reviews

“Advice books for writers are a dime a dozen but Moore provides a fresh approach …

Interview with Hippocampus Magazine

“What I want a nonfiction writer to offer me is her best effort at memory, flawed as it is, with fact-checking, and motive-checking, which means a scrupulous look inside to explore why she sees and remembers the way she does. If as a writer you are unsure, tell me. If …

Upcoming Events in May and June 2012

Dinty will be teaching in early May at the Miami Writers Institute.  Later in the month he is giving a talk at the River Teeth Nonfiction Conference.  And in June, you can study with Dinty (and other fine writers) at the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop.

New Video Essay at TriQuarterly

In my writing, I have learned to trust the impulses which rise up unbidden, the unconscious voice that is always more interesting than the chatter embedded in my frontal lobe. For this video essay, I tried to rely less on words and ideas and instead trust the visuals. It was …

On Writing Brief Essays: Dinty at River Teeth Blog

Dinty was interviewed recently at the River Teeth blog about winning the Stanley W. Lindberg Award for Excellence in Literary Editing, about writing in general, and about editing the online magazine Brevity.  The full interview is here.

Teaching in Geneva, Switzerland

Dinty will be travelling to Switzerland for the biennial Geneva Writers’ Conference in February 2012, offering workshops on the personal essay to 200 writers from around the world and joining a stellar teaching staff of writers, editors, and agents.

The 8th Geneva Writers’ Conference will be held February 3-5, 2012. Here is …

Dinty Teaching at Kenyon Summer Workshops

Dinty will teach again this summer at the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop in mid-June, along with Rebecca McClanahan, David Baker, Carl Phillips, Jake Adam York, Geeta Kothari, Nancy Zafiris, and Lee K. Abbott.

The Kenyon Review workshops focus on the generation of new work with three-hour workshops each morning, focusing on writing exercises, reading and critiquing work, and talking …